Saturday, 8 August 2015

Baby Traning

Your mum woke me up at 6 am this morning to feel your pulse. I'm getting more used to her saying my name in quite a serious tone when I'm fast asleep. Maybe this is baby training for when you're here and we need to tend to you.

Our latest game has been whether or not we can feel you move. At the moment neither of us knows whether we can actually feel anything or whether it's just our imagination. My friend said to me the other day that the maddest thing is when we'll actually be able to see your foot as you kick from inside. I'm not surprised your mum can't stop touching the little bump that is you. It must be the oddest thing in the world having a baby growing inside you. I'll never know what that feels like. 

I can't blame you for wriggling about though. I don't like being trapped in. I never have. When I was still supposed to be in a cot I used to somehow manage to appear downstairs. This confused your grandma and grandad, I was about eighteen months old so shouldn’t have been able to escape. They decided to spy on me through the crack in the door. They watched me stand in the corner of my cot and bounce on my mattress until I was high enough to throw myself out. They decided it was probably time for me to sleep in a bed. 

That's one of the best things about being young though. You often feel invincible. Things don't scare you so easily. If there's a problem or a barrier in your way you think of how to overcome it and throw yourself at it. If it makes you dizzy or bruises, you try it differently next time. 

I once tried to do a somersault off a settee. It seemed like a good idea at the time and perfectly possible. I threw myself in the air, kneed myself in the face and landed in a heap on the floor. I didn't try somersaults anymore but there was no harm done.

And that's how we'd like you to be. Ready for a bit of rough and tumble. If you really do hurt yourself we'll be there to pick you up and make you better but we'll also teach you to pick yourself up, shrug your shoulders and maybe try it again but differently. 

Now your mum is worried that she's stressing you and is worried about worrying but that's your mum sometimes. It's woken me up and disturbed Kelda. I hope you're ready for this odd little action packed world you're about to join. I'm going to try and get some more sleep. I need as much as I can before you arrive.

Last night I worried I wouldn't have anything else to write for you. Now I had to get up because I had these ideas and didn't want to lose them by going back to sleep. So it's your mum's fault I'm awake but it's a good thing too.