Tuesday, 14 July 2015

A Good Mix


Today we saw you for the first time. We waited for an hour and we were getting frustrated. A man was shaking his legs which made all the chairs rock and this didn’t  help your mum at all because she was all full up with water.  It was really quite annoying and selfish and he seemed totally oblivious. Everything was becoming too much. And then they called us through, and they showed us you. I'll tell you something, and you'll never know this until you go through it yourself. We forgot everything else instantly. We could see you. And you wouldn't stay still. You were wriggling and turning and moving and twisting.

And we were captivated. I think, right now you're only about sixty-five millimetres long. We could see your arms and your legs and your nose and your mouth. And when you moved we could see your bones and in the picture we reckon we can see your brain.

I guess maybe one day you'll see the scan. You'll know how you looked before you were born. And that's how times change. I've no idea what this world will look like for you. The technology wasn't there when I was your age. But that was over forty years ago.

It's my birthday tomorrow. I don't hang too much on birthdays but you are the best present for both of us. A bit of your mum, a bit of me and the rest will be all you.

There's going to be a lot of questions. A lot to learn. But we saw you today. And I think, what I learnt is, the questions and the answers don't always matter so much. I mean, they're the most important thing and you must always ask and learn. But sometimes there is also magic.

Wherever you are and wherever you go there's always something that puts things in perspective, helps you to see your place in this world. There are no answers, just what is. And don't ever be too proud to see how beautiful that is.

And you're a good mix you come from all over the world not too many people can say that and it be true.