Monday, 13 July 2015



This is your story before you were born. And this is me and your mum in a way you'll never really know us...

All stories start a long time ago. What a lot of people don't know is that stories are round and that's why you can never tell how old they are or how long they'll last. Although, to be honest, once a story has been told, at least part if it will always last forever. But that's not really what I meant.
I suppose your story starts here, which is tricky because you're not here yet.

When you think about things properly, not many of them make much sense. I suppose you spend most of the time twisting things to fit into the shape you think they should be. It's easier that way and in the grand scale of things it doesn't make much difference anyway.

It's funny thinking of Stacey as your mum and me as your dad for that matter. It's hard to explain, people don't think like that, or say it if they do. One day, hopefully you'll read this for yourself and understand what that means.

So me and your mum, we're just two people together, from different worlds and different places. And we made you. And we want you already. And we can't wait. And it's the strangest most beautiful thing in the world.